A Dinner With Aberdeen Football Club and Get Signed Football Memorabilia

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I recently attended a dinner with Aberdeen Football Club as part of a charity event. Aberdeen being my home team I was extremely excited to get up close and personal with the squad and also hoped to be given the chance to get my hands on signed football memorabilia. The dinner went smoothly and the players seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the guests, probably partly to do with the amount of champagne that was flowing! After the dinner the guests were given the opportunity to new football shirtsmeet the players. Of course, I jumped on the prospect of being able to broaden my collection of football signed memorabilia. I got talking to two players in particular, Fraser Fyvie; who is set to be Aberdeen's next big player, and Jamie Langfield; Aberdeen's goalkeeper. The guys seemed very genuine and were extremely helpful in terms of getting the other players to autograph footballs. They also introduced me to their manager Craig Brown, who was kind enough to sign photographs. This was set to be an interesting piece of football replica football shirtsmemorabilia to add to my collection. It was obvious that the team was very appreciative of the support that they received from the guests and this was shown by the amount of signed football shirts and autographed photos that we were able to come away with. Not only are dinners with footballers and other famous names a good way of raising funds for charities, they also make a useful contribution to the amount of autographs for sale within Memorabilia4U's sports autographs' collection.cheap football shirts It was a very enjoyable evening and I will definitely be looking forward to more of these events in the near future. Collecting signed football memorabilia can be a time consuming business as most of the training grounds are all enclosed and most of them have a no visitor policy. Gone are the days of the public being able to spectate and get autographs of their favorite player coming off the pitch after a training session. The only way to get these superstars nowadays is to try and get them to stop in their cars just outside the training ground or hang out at the airports awaiting them arriving in or flying out to football fixtures. I took the trip football shirts UKdown to Glasgow airport recently and got an autographed shirt signed by Alex Ferguson and other items of football signed memorabilia from both the Rangers squad and the Manchester United squad, the former being at their training ground the day before the fixture.

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