Explosive Football Workout to Get Faster for Football

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To increase football speed & strength, you must get stronger! If you want to get faster for football, you must get stronger... Too many so-called experts incorrectly claim that since football is a sport of speed, that strength isn't important. These coaches believe that football strength training workouts are unimportant. They feel that you can become as fastfootball shirts UK as needed by running with garbage football training gimmicks like parachutes and towing gear. Of course, these coaches usually look like the've never actually done a strength workout in their life. Make no mistake: Football is a sport of speed and strength and your football strength workouts are of utmost importance. The following workout focuses on speed strength. Speed-strength is the ability to "turn on" as many muscle fibers as possible, as quickly as possible. More commonly, we refer to this as explosiveness. (Hence the reason we call it Explosive Football Strength Training!) We are going to concentrate on lower body explosiveness here. Bottoms-Up Front Squats - 12 x 1 - Set up a bar in the power rack atcheap football shirts the bottom of your normal Front Squat depth. - Get set, get tight and explode the bar up. - Stick with singles to concentrate on explosive strength and so your form doesn't break down -Keep the rest periods short, at around 60-seconds Kettblebell Swings> - 4 x 6 - Go heavy, bring the kettlebell allreplica football shirts the way through the legs and then snap it back up! Bulgarian Squats w/Dumbbells - 3 x 8, each leg - Shoot for ROM over weight...go nice and low and come up fast - One-leg exercises are important for sprinting speed because they cure strength imbalances between your legs and help with your one-leg strength Explosive Band Leg Curls - 3 x 8, each leg - Leg curls are usually looked down on in most football strength training programs because they are considered a "bodybuilding" exercise, but they are actually quite a good football exercise when performed with bands. - Using bands allows you to slownew football shirts down the negative and explode through the motion, much like running Weighted Sit-Ups - 3 x 10 - Your abs can never be too strong! In this football training workout we: -Increased explosive strength -Worked through a full range of motion with both legs equally -Increased hamstring explosiveness -Increased overall football strength Follow this workout and watch your on the field performance go through the roof! Harder hits, devastating blocks, more speed and insane strength increases!

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