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Do you know how to choose qualified football players There are actually a lot of factors such as based on height, leg kind, speed and so on. But 1 of famous football clubs in China selects their minor players according to the shape. In other words, they could wear the formal Wholesale Football Shirt Shop and play football on the grass to new football shirtscreate their dream come accurate if their genital matches. According to the club, they ascertain whether or not the player has the potential to grow to be the stars of tomorrow depending on the boys genitals. The cradle of the Chinese football star – Tianjin locomotive football club makes the selection of seedling possible minor players by checking the shape of genital. Original said, except for a series of physical fitness and basic skills tests, the club will also vary. With some seemingly tracks which are not very scientificreplica football shirts “original ways” to choose players, it may work. The most ridiculous is that, based on the boys’ genitals to establish the level of male hormones case to see no matter whether it is suitable for high-strength or not. A senior official said, the boy who has a short, thick genital with tight scrotum Stretch could play football better likely. If someone told that the shape of their genital doesnt match, that sounds like the National Football Shirts is not suitable for you. Is it Right After this comment came up, a great number of people thought that it is a joke in Chinese football. However, it may be accurate to a certain extent. Professor Sun Zixue, working in Henan Province Chinese Medicine Hospital Reproductive cheap football shirts Center of Integrative Medicine, said that “this way of football seedling selection is very reasonable. If the genital is short, thick with tight scrotum, most of them have a normal male hormone secretion. The main male androgen is testosterone.95% is secreted by the Leydig cells, while 5% by the adrenal glands. Testosterone is not only sexual stimulation in men, but also to male skeleton thick, well muscled, help the body eliminates excess fat, and the rapid restoration of physical, more importantly, and testosterone returned to the body provides a game against the movement required. Maybe the suitability of the genital is the same as the good-design. While football is a rules-based, civilized war, the stronger the attack, the greater the likelihood of winning. Modern research has proved that thefootball shirts UK athletes with high levels of testosterone in vivo, and its ability to exercise is

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