tottenham overpowered by real madrid in the first leg

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When the Spurs also shot various times in the initial half of the counter a threat, but early on the scenario of 10 against 11, so that was tricky to support Tottenham Hotspur at the Bernabeu. OPTA data show that this game 4 to 0, both shot 25 to 4 ratio, the ratio is 9 to corner 3, the ball longer than 37 minutes and 5 seconds tonew football shirts 20 minutes and 7 seconds, not completely one-sided, Real Madrid is at the very least a position of Football Shirt absolute dominance of the game, despite the fact that Spurs can play soul-stirring game at White Hart Lane, but to regain the 4 ball, just picture rival video highlights – 2 goals Kaka Warcraft assists to break Real Madrid C Lo Tottenham 4-0 media sources: Sina sports is Actual Madrid, I know not the hope. This was the third time this season, Real Madrid kicked the score 4 to 0, the data show, Real Madrid in European competition after replica football shirtsdouble elimination played 198 games back, kicked 4 initial to score more than 0 or more, there is no non-promotion The. The information is more ferocious, said: Do not say the Champions League, and took part in la liga kits Genuine Madrid history, and the king of all European Cup competitions, in the initial leg as long as more than made the score 3 to 0, Genuine Madrid has not been eliminated from the off. If Spurs can break this rule, he is to create a great record, but the overall strength of the contrast point of view, Spurs do not have the burst that is so cold, shaking a large potential, to say the least, even if the early Real Madrid 10 hit the road 11, Spurs probably less than 4 to 0 also play such an extreme score. Because the two teams in the strength and maturity of the quality gap does exist, say the Spurs team of civilians, it is estimated, nobody can agree, but it is regrettable that past glory, and today this does not add to Tottenham How many wealthy background, there is no calm, only the old school of English footballcheap football shirts and the ferocious tone of the blood, a fatal outcome eat red card, no less concessions in order to lose when the winning genuine madrid shirts strategy, only the drums Yu Yong, who attempt to Actual Madrid to win with fewer the tragic, early results of complete physical to spend the last moment not the slightest move, counterattack inside the same plan without careful and sophisticated tactics, Bell Road, ran a cramp, that is, all of the old mine counter-attack strategy, the Welsh people to the point things, Tottenham were basically got left Scrapped. Continuous Feichan Crouch is his portrayal of the mentality of too much excitement, perhaps such a move from his body, we can even get a glimpse of some of England’s destiny within the crux of the problem over the years:football shirts UK the train in the Ronaldo Shirt Premier League’s fighting style, spirit quality and range of motion, be transferred to the non-UK fall into track up, then the disadvantage is you. Crouch’s action, may be yellow inside the league is a life-plus-one verbal warning, into the Champions League can only be a red card. Looking back on England’s performance inside the international arena, this loss also eat small

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