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Bayern coach Van Gaal stated Kraft using the wholesale football shirt shop is stronger than Boot, so he decided to change goalies. Van Gaal believes Bayern superior accepted his decision, but the very first appearance in the Kraft new football shirtsactually be tested before the discussion of this decision. The former Bayern captain Oliver Kahn in the country of Germany to accept the Bild interview, a list of expectations within the range of Bayern, Kraft was on the bench. Kahn, Kraft is incredibly preferred and praised that of Kraft, stated: “It’s a very quick response within the restricted zone has a control box, reminds me Meyer.” Meyer is the Bayern goalkeeping coach with the National Football Shirts for many years, Kahn, Bayern’s closest friends, is the longest of the effectiveness of the Bayern players, playing football with “civet” within the replica football shirtstitle. Meyer is an avid supporter of Kraft, Kraft’s decision to recovery, according to Van Gaal, praised Van Gaal is quite knowledgeable about the porter, and said the company: “Kraft is a great talent, who was not absolutely possibility of acquiring a company in Bavaria. ” But Meyer positive vessels, only part of Kahn. Although Kahn did not doubt the ability of Kraft, but is under pressure on stocks of Kraft in performance, stated: “Nobody can tell what kind of Kraft as the lead department. We could make a good performance, but also can find the under pressure. It’s a risky move. fighting cheap football shirtsgame, you know what you may have on performance, with extensive experience and know how to handle pressure. ” Kahn planned Neuer Bayern, but his strong support for Kraft after Van Gaal, Kahn’s attitude has also been some changes. He stated: “If you insist on buying Neuer level, then including the coach, there are some problems Only the coach and the board agreed on the attitude of a player when the player would make sense to buy Van Gaal did not want others involved in the decision of its staff, but the idea is really useful is it If the reservation is the attitude offootball shirts UK Kahn, then another former Lehman is totally against the country. He stated: “In my career, I never saw a young guard with the Bayern football shirt and a young defense that whe

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