two towers hunting inter milan 4

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Immediately after his return from winter vacation in Milan using the World Cup Football Shirt clubs in the state of several, led by Leonardo Inter League three times, when Milan Allegri pace is slowed, reduced by only 3 games to win 2new football shirts draws against the Inter lead to 9 points when the two and Inter can win every race meeting means that the difference in points among the clubs in Milan, just 3 points, the league champion, which in turn played the scenario analysis confused and overall team of two now, the future of the race, replica football shirtsamongst other factors, Inter Milan a huge green light is not impossible. Benitez course record that Gaokaidizou Inter, Cup record of the case, league record can then be described, a trip to the Cup Inter won the first inversion of Rome Italian Super Cup, followed by Atletico finished explosives, missing six winners, the league, in the very first round draw with Bologna, Inter with the Football National Teams has won 3 consecutive titles, and put the points inside the first position was short-circuiting 5 minutes from Milan, but within the endcheap football shirts November, continues using the invasion of injuries, team morale frustrated Inter Record waterfalls, a wave of negativefootball shirts UK 1 3 wins, 2 to send the Nerazzurri complete ranking leadership position, remains connected to the fight championship Club World Cup in two locations within the league, and soaring Milan, Inter 13 points left on the other, it appears to catch up Milan essentially destroyed hope. But during the Christmas season coaching change

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