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Wenger to give up a further two players were Brazilian midfielder Denilson will be center Ben Turner and Denmark, despite the fact that Denilson on behalf of the team played in the Premiership last season, 19 games, but using the rapid growth Wilshere , the young Brazilian midfielder Premiership appearances this season, dropped to 6 times. Denilson’s age and the potential point of view, the Braziliannew football shirts midfielder will not be the lack of buyers, a few pieces of the Bundesliga and Serie A team Genoa, Juventus transfer Football Shirt expressed interest to Arsenal, while Germany Nelson apparently also hopes to replace the club inside the summer get the chance. Bendtner and Denilson similar situation, because the pick me have repeatedly and openly disgruntled center of Denmark, the journey at the Emirates Stadium seems to have come to an end, Van Persie and check mark in the strong performance, this Turner the team has become a dispensable player, is the only option left. Once the adequate transfer of funds,replica football shirts Wenger added this summer are going to be the first team defense strength. Bundesliga Werder Bremen played high once again become a hot candidate. In June last year, Wenger had tried to use 10 million pounds acquisition of the nearly 2-meter tall giant space tyrant, but the final choice and Bremen Mertesacker renewal. However, poor performance this season, Werder Bremen, completely missed the Champions League next season, which also re-introduced Mertesacker Wenger left is possible. In an interview with German media recently when Mertesacker defected Premier League Shirts the Premier League suggested the possibility of the summer, cheap football shirtsand “Mirror” revealed that his next stop is likely to be Arsenal. “Play to the Premiership in recent years I have been faced with the choice, I have not made a decision, but I have to say the Premiership is very attractive my league, and now I hope to help stop the downward trend in Bremen.” It is reported that if Bremen Mertesacker will probably be let go will depend on the final results of this powerhouse, and if successful relegation, Mertesacker is likely to say goodbye to Bundesliga. If Wenger can not do so by Mertesacker, Nasri is a professor recommended fellow Burnett Diaz may be another candidate. Udinese this season, popped up with a world of difference between Burnett Dia height to 1.91 meters is not the same, heading ability is also an excellent defender, 23, who said Wenger Nasri has to recommend his own: “When I while playing inside the French, Nasri to me that he would recommend me Man U Kits Arsene Wenger. Nasri and I are good friends when we met in Marseille, has been a roommate. “Bernardo Diaz and satisfied This layer between the Sri might join Arsenal for his future lay a good foundation for the introduction of Arsenal has always been the tradition of the French players, Bernardo Diaz’s age and potentialfootball shirts UK requirements in line with Wenger. Though the teenager after coming to the fore this season, Wally Disney has a decent play, but the genius of the tender for the Gunners keeper was unable

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